Goodyear moves toward ‘no-air’ tire tech CNN

Goodyear Tires Thursday announced it is moving forward in the development of a non-rubber, blowout-proof tire for cars that could come in any color of the rainbow. Goodyear said the tire will be developed as part of an exclusive agreement it reached with Amerityre of Boulder City, Nevada. Amerityre produces urethane tires for bicycles, lawn mowers, and farm equipment. Amerityre CEO Richard Steinke said the promise of urethane is in its simplicity. “Rubber is a polymer, urethane is a polymer, but ours is made of two basic ingredients, rubber is made with 30-plus ingredients.” Another unique aspect of the urethane tire is that it doesn’t need air. Prototypes that Amerityre has created for cars and trucks ride better with a little bit of air (about 5 PSI, or pounds per square inch) but the tire is still functional for up to 1,500 miles with no air at all.

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