Mars Society Fundraising Campaign Mars Society

Thanks to the more than 200 people who have made donations, The Mars Society has raised over $30,000 from the end of year fundraising campaign. Dr. Zubrin spend last weekend autographing books and we will be mailing them out within the week. Special thanks to those who became lifetime members. We will be designing a unique ID card to indicate your special membership status. The Mars Society will be continuing this offer of lifetime membership for individual donors at the $1000 level. Unfortunately, Apollo Energy has indicated that they will have to cap their donation at $1000. This leaves us a bit short of our goal of $50,000 to continue operations at the Desert Hab. Any donations of $100 or more received through February 28th, 2002, either at the website or by response to our recent mailing, will be eligible for Dr. Zubrin’s book offer and will be noted on our donor plaque. Also, remember that individual crew member sponsorships are still available at the $5000 level.

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