Mars Society Covered in USA Weekend Magazine Mars Society

The January 18-20 issue of USA Weekend magazine carried a full- collumn article about the Mars Society’s Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station project. Written by Elizabeth Kaye McCall, the highly favorable article focussed on the experience of Katy Quinn, the Australian/American MIT geophysicist who served in the second crew rotation in the Flashline Station on Devon Island last summer. The article, which prominently included the URL of the Mars Society website, began; “Desperate for adventure and glory? The Mars Society is looking for volunteers to test what life may be like on the red planet. “For geophysicist Katy Quinn, 30, that meant spending eight days last summer on a subzero arctic island surveying seismic activity in a spacesuit as part of the global group’s Mars research project… “Many scientists believe our closest planetary neighbor may someday be inhabitable…”

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