Translife Mission Teams Hold Design Review Mars Society

Four university-based teams competing for the honor of building the Mars Society’s Translife mission met for a design review Feb 28 at NASA Ames Research Center. The Translife mission will test the effect of Mars gravity by flying a group of mice for 50 days in a rotating spacecraft in low Earth orbit. The mice will be allowed to reproduce and the young to grow up in 3/8 g. the experiment will thus provide the first data on both the effect of Martian gravity on mammals born and raised on Earth and those born and raised on Mars. This information is key for planning future human Mars exploration missions and for determining the prospects for the settlement of Mars with higher life from Earth. The four teams competing were MIT, the University of Colorado, the University of Washington, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. A downselect to a team or set of teams to do the mission is expected within 2 weeks.

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