Mars Desert Research Station crew invites questions from the public Mars Society

On Tuesday, April 2, from 10am to 7pm MST, the MDRS crew welcomes questions from the public sent straight to the Mars Habitat via email at Questions are welcome for the whole crew or to individual members of the crew currently at the station. Crew #4 is involved with conceptual testing of a Pressurized Exploration Vehicle (PEV), has completed the first full simulation nocturnal EVA, and is engaged in ongoing biological, psychological and geological research. Please send your questions and expect a brief delay due to the extreme distance of the crew being located on the planet Mars. See the Crew #4 bios page for more information about the background and work of the individual members of the crew. Shannon Rupert, Andrew Hoppin, Jennifer Knowles, Joel McKinnon, Alex Kazerooni, and Judith Lapierre (Commander).

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