Obituary: William L. Brown / Westinghouse engineer worked on reactor for Mars mission Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

William L. Brown Sr. of Bethel Park was a clothes presser at a Mount Washington cleaners who later became an engineer at Westinghouse’s nuclear division. Although Mr. Brown had no degree, he won an entry-level job at Westinghouse because of natural talent and know-how, said his son William L. Jr. of Ross. He was the oldest of six children, who grew up in Mt. Lebanon. He started sweeping the floor at Phillips’ Cleaners in Mount Washington, a shop frequented by local politicians and broadcasters. The owner taught him how to press clothes, and he continued working at the cleaners and at Westinghouse for many years. He was eventually promoted to engineer at Westinghouse, and at one point was involved in developing a small-scale nuclear reactor to be used for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration mission to Mars, which never occurred.

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