Award-Winning Filmmaker Sam Burbank to Make a Theatrical Motion Picture Based on Robert Zubrin’s Novel “First Landing” Mars Society

A major sensation was caused at the convention by the announcement by award-winning filmmaker Sam Burbank that he would be making a theatrical motion picture based on Robert Zubrin’s novel “First Landing.” Listing the various Hollywood horror pictures or shoot-em- ups nominally featuring Mars, Burbank drew a sharp distinction between those efforts and the kind of movie “First Landing” will be. There never has been a movie actually about the human exploration of Mars. This will be the first.” Burbank said, adding: “It will not be set in the glorious science fiction future, but in our own time, and it will show the mission done with all the grungy realism of the kind of space travel we can really do. It’s not going to show the Mars mission as being easy. It’s not going to show it as being impossible. It’s going to show it as being really tough, but doable, by a group of people who have what it takes to do it.”