MDRS Log Book Mars Society

Another cooked breakfast fuelled EVA-7 towards the northern reaches of the Copernicus Highway. After travelling along various ridges, the ‘highway’ dipped down into the magnificent labyrinth of the Snoshti Canyons, where the infrequently travelled track was lost among a carpet of blue and yellow flowers. After several dead-ends, washouts and backtracks, the team eventually battled through to Muddy Creek. While not the most analogous scenery to Mars, our geologist made several interesting finds, including anomolous black rocks that seem to have just fallen from the heavens. EVA-8 pushed even further north, taking the Hubble Highway just before the creek. Future EVAs will strive further northwards to the end of the Hubble Highway and the tracks of Crew 22, whose map is serving us well. The generator has been fixed and hopefully the power fluctuations will cease, but the vacuum cleaner needs another power-head belt. Hopefully this arrives before the all-female Mona Lisa crew, or gender relations may never be the same again! Three pizzas were ‘delivered’ tonight, and finished off a great day. Almost half-way through, and all lights are green on Leonardo.

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