Off on a mission to ‘Mars on Earth’ The Honolulu Advertiser

What is it like to live on Mars?
Seven adventurous scientists, including a University of Hawai’i computer science professor, will look for the answer this summer in the Canadian Arctic.
From May to August, they will hole up in a futuristic-looking research station on Devon Island, an uninhabited wasteland 900 miles from the North Pole. When they walk outside into below-zero temperatures, they will wear space suits. Their research will mimic what scientists on Mars would likely study — climate, topography and daily changes in temperature.
But most importantly, they will experience the hardships of a not-so-simulated isolation, miles away from anything resembling civilization: They will eat freeze-dried or canned food, strictly ration their water intake, and follow a strict routine of work, exercise and rest.

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