Mars Science Laboratory: Tough Love, Mad Scientists LiveScience Blogs

The nuclear-powered Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) has escalated in cost. It’s now an outlay of loot hovering at $1.7 billion.
NASA senior Mars management has directed the project to — among a suite of actions — expend no additional funds on a remote-sensing laser instrument called ChemCam, take off a descent imaging camera, and cost-cap a couple of other instruments at their current budgets.
The MSL “required some focused and prudent reductions in scope in order to better ensure project success,” according to a NASA statement on the large Mars rover project.
From higher-ups at NASA Headquarters, the marching order is for the MSL project team to dig into their collective science and engineering pockets and cover the $75 million cost overrun to “clean up the mess” so as not to “slaughter the innocent,” I’ve been advised.
Translation, and in tough love language: MSL gets no more money from NASA Headquarters.

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