Mars Society Christens “Colbert Mars Desert Research Station” Mars Society

The Mars Society has been closely monitoring the voting process for the naming of the new node of the International Space Station (ISS). We would like to congratulate Stephen Colbert for the impressive number of votes that were cast for him. However, all indications are that NASA will not name the new node “Colbert.” The Mars Society would like to recognize Mr. Colbert’s efforts that successfully focused attention on the U.S. space program and inspired far more people to vote in this process than would have otherwise. Assuming that that the ISS node is not named “Colbert,” we believe Mr. Colbert deserves a much better consolation prize than having a space toilet named after him, as has been suggested. The Mars Society will therefore rename our Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) near Hanksville, Utah to the “Colbert Mars Desert Research Station” for one week in April, 2009.

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