Obama to unveil plans for Mars shot The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

United States president Barack Obama is set to unveil plans to create 2,500 more space jobs and select a design for a rocket to fire astronauts into deep space by 2015, The Washington Post reports.
Mr Obama will deliver what has been billed as a “major space policy speech” outlining the new future for US space exploration when he addresses astronauts, space workers and lawmakers on Thursday at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.
His address comes after budget proposals in February revealed plans to axe the expensive and over-budgeted Constellation rocket project, a move that fuelled a storm of criticism from lawmakers and space enthusiasts.
But the Post reported on its website that Mr Obama’s speech would seek to soothe critics and provide more specific details of plans to recreate NASA’s human space exploration program in what a White House official said amounted to a “bold and daring” vision.

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