Mars simulator vehicle nearly lost in sea ice Nunatsiaq News

NASA’s attempt last year to drive a modified Humvee all the way to its simulated Mars base on Devon Island nearly ended in disaster.
Thick snow concealed a lead of open water ahead of the vehicle, which narrowly avoided falling right into the ocean.
At a presentation at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum in Iqaluit on May 3, Mars Institute director Pascal Lee showed a Power Point presentation of the trip from Kugluktuk to Cambridge Bay, 500 km across the ice of Coronation Gulf, made between April 17 and April 25, 2009.
The journey was supposed to proceed on to Resolute and then to Haughton Crater on Devon Island, often called the most Mars-like environment on Earth.
But days of whiteout conditions and the near-loss of the vehicle through the ice made NASA change its plans, instead bringing it by air from Cambridge Bay to Resolute for the final trek to Haughton Crater.
The “Moon-1 experimental vehicle” is a customized Humvee equipped as if it were a manned vehicle on Mars.

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