Mars Voyage Muscles: Don’t Like Your Workout? Try it in Space CBSNews

If you thought working out on Earth was tough, try it on Mars.
Turns out astronauts on a Mars mission might lose about 40 percent of their muscle strength during the long voyage, leaving them as weak as 80-year-olds, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiology.
That could make it hard to perform even simple tasks, let alone move around on the Martian surface in bulky spacesuits, MSNBC reports.
And forget about palates or spin class.
Returning to Earth could be even more perilous, as the astronauts might be too weak to evacuate their spacecraft in the event of an emergency.
“Muscle wasting is a real concern,” study author Robert Fitts of Marquette University in Milwaukee, told USA Today. “Mars is a three-year trip.”

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