Mars Society Family Touched by Plane Crash in Canadian Arctic Mars Society

The Mars Society and its membership were saddened to learn of the crash of a chartered airplane over the weekend outside Resolute Bay in the Canadian arctic territory of Nunavut. The tragic incident took the lives of 12 people and injured three.
The Mars Society has had a decade-long relationship with the small hamlet of Resolute Bay as the nearest community to the organization’s Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) project, a simulated Mars habitat in northern Canada.
A close friend of the Mars Society, Aziz Kheraj, owner of the South Camp Inn in Resolute Bay, was directly impacted by the tragedy, losing one grandchild in the crash, while having another injured and currently hospitalized.
“The Mars Society and its membership extend their prayers and condolences to the families and community of Resolute Bay during this difficult time,” said Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society.

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