Chabad on Mars? Pondering Jewish Life in Space

“Shabbat on Mars” Original design by Sefira for Tech Tribe.

In the 1960s, the world became captivated by the possibility of landing on the moon. Today, the space race has refocused on a new frontier: Mars. But if, or perhaps when, humans do journey to Mars, what will Jewish life look like?

Rabbi Mordechai and Chana Lightstone, co-founders of Tech Tribe—a center for Jews in the technology and digital media industries and an affiliate of Chabad Young Professionals—is not only posing this question but exploring some possible answers. Tech Tribe is known for producing innovative and varied events like #openShabbat, an annual Shabbat meal at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, and Chanukah parties that showcase a plethora of unique menorahs, including one made with a 3D printer, one with animated GIFs on it, and last year, one that incorporated augmented reality.

Tech Tribe’s newest project, though, is literally out of this world. “Jews in Space: An artistic exploration of Jewish life on Mars” is “a proof of concept in how Judaism can be brought to the red planet,” Lightstone tells “If Silicon Valley is set on colonizing Mars, we’re going to show how Judaism can thrive there.”

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