August 19th, 2004

Mars missionaries beam down here Chicago Sun-Times

Mars visionaries are landing in Chicago this week to pursue their dreams for the Red Planet, ranging from robot missions to a manned colony. About 500 members of the Mars Society will be in an upbeat mood when they gather at the Palmer House Hilton today through Sunday to brainstorm topics such as nuclear-powered spacecraft and water recycling in the Mars desert. “Mars people tend to be very optimistic,” said Mars Society President Robert Zubrin.

June 2nd, 1999

Professor teams up with NASA to study signs of life from Mars Chicago Sun-Times

The moon doesn’t hold much promise for clay mineralogists. But Mars is a different story. With signs that water once flowed on its now-parched surface, the red planet could have the answer to one of the world’s weightiest questions: Does life exist outside of Earth?

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