January 28th, 2000

Mission to Mars Movie Web Site Blasts Off With Awesome Online Television Ad During This Year’s SuperBowl Excite News

While Touchstone Pictures’ exciting big screen “Mission To Mars” movie does not open until March 10, 2000, space enthusiasts every where will have online access to the “Mission To Mars” television ad developed specifically for this year’s SuperBowl XXXIV.

January 13th, 2000

Scientists have not yet given up on Mars mission Excite News

After a month of searching, scientists from UCLA and JPL continue to look for the $165 million Mars Polar Lander and are planning for the future of the Mars program. Because of disappointing recent events, NASA is making efforts to restructure its program. After early successes completed with a new philosophy of working cheaper and faster, the program’s last two launches have resulted in the confirmed destruction of one spacecraft and the disappearance of the other.

December 16th, 1999

Meeting the Challenges of the Space Millennium Excite News

As the clock winds down on the 20th Century, few would argue that one of the most significant human achievements during the period 1900-1999 was the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon and the transformation of humankind from a gravity-bound species into a space-faring one. The implications for the species have been, and continue to be, staggering.

November 22nd, 1999

Sound Adds a New Dimension to the Exploration of Mars Excite News

After nearly a quarter century of breathtaking, but silent, photos from the Martian surface, a fascinating new project to record sound on Mars is about to add a new auditory dimension to our collective virtual space experience.