January 24th, 2004

Firm gets spirit of Mars mission Los Angeles Daily News

As a kid, Arnie Rubin pretended he journeyed to Mars with Flash Gordon. As an adult, he can pretend with a more realistic explorer. As owner of Code 3 Collectibles, a model maker known for its fire trucks and “Star Wars” replicas, he’s watched the development of a hyper-accurate miniature of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars rovers. For the past 10 months, his designers have crafted an articulated, rolling 1-10 scale version of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, highly detailed toys for adult space enthusiasts.

February 15th, 2003

Passion for flight spans balloon, shuttle era Los Angeles Daily News

They make strange bookends, Flyer and Columbia. The Wright brothers’ plane, on its most famous voyage, traveled 120 feet; the space shuttle Columbia was 122 feet long. And yet, the two flying machines frame, almost perfectly, an extraordinary century.

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