June 11th, 2004

NASA scientist discusses Mars life Reno Gazette-Journal

Scientists have learned from their mistakes on the five missions that have landed on Mars and now better know where to dig for Martian fossils or drill for frozen microbes, a NASA scientist said Thursday in Carson City.

March 10th, 2004

Winner of Nevada Reno Gazette-Journal

Research on Mars is helping scientists better understand the life cycles of deserts on Earth and the potential to tap aquifers deep beneath the ground, an expert said Wednesday.

May 9th, 2001

Astronaut shares space tales Reno Gazette-Journal

Astronaut Thomas Jones, a veteran of 40 days in space and three spacewalks on his last mission alone, came to Huffaker Elementary School to sell the dream of adventure. Along with the development of the International Space Station, astronauts may return to the moon, visit asteroids and reach Mars, Jones told students.