February 15th, 2004

A bit of ‘Mars’ on Earth The Advocate

Colonization of the Red Planet might one day become more than just the plot line of a pulpy science fiction novel. The United States has two explorers currently on the surface of Mars, but they are both robots.

November 24th, 2002

The Planets The Advocate

A spectacular performance of Gustav Holst’s masterpiece The Planets will be presented by the LSU Symphony Orchestra at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, at the Centroplex Theater for Performing Arts. The production is a cooperative venture between the LSU orchestra and the new Irene W. Pennington planetarium, to be opened early next year at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. The project is sponsored by the Stanford Group.

November 11th, 2000

Destination Mars The Advocate

Carl Carlsson wants to go to Mars. And no, the little green men aren’t inviting him via brain waves he picks up through an aluminum foil hat. For the record, Carlsson is an environmental engineer in Lake Charles and has never been abducted by aliens. Carlsson of Sulphur is president of the Louisiana chapter of the Mars Society, a 2-year-old organization claiming more than 3,000 members worldwide — one of them former astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The group’s goal is to land astronauts on the Red Planet in 10 years.

January 30th, 2000

Sixth-grade project takes class to Mars, City Hall The Advocate

The first community on Mars should be built inside a huge crater so dust storms don’t destroy the buildings. A giant greenhouse can provide oxygen for people’s homes. And a recreational center will just have to have an arcade.

November 7th, 1999

Mars life team The Advocate

NASA is assembling a group of scientists to determine just how to judge a little green man — or at least a little, possibly green, bacterium from Mars.

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