Lockheed Martin receives $250,000 from ambitious Mars One project

Mars One has had some hard times lately, what with some prominent scientists and journalists finally beginning to grow skeptical about its viability, and its own CEO pushing the manned mission back by two years to 2025.
Some have been critical of the project’s high-profile call for astronauts willing to accept a one-way mission, saying that it’s an unethical and unnecessary measure that’s incompatible with modern values. Others simply poo-poo their schedule and funding plans, claiming that the Mars One foundation (called by its Dutch name of “Stichting Mars One”) cannot possibly do what it claims with the time, talent, and money it has available.
And then, earlier this week, the venerable Lockheed Martin came on board. For about $250,000, the aerospace giant will throw its talent, but perhaps more importantly its name behind the fledgling space program.

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