Mars One presents more details on next astronaut selection rounds

Mars One is pleased to provide further insight into the upcoming selection rounds that The Mars100 will face. The new information on the Mars One astronaut selection process has been released in a new Inside 360 article: “Screening from 100 to 24”. Mars One additionally introduces six new candidates to the astronaut selection process that have replaced former candidates that were not able to proceed to the next selection round.

In the latest Inside 360 article, Dr. Norbert Kraft, Chief Medical Officer of Mars One, outlines Round Three and Four of Mars One’s astronaut selection process. Round Three takes place over the course of 5 days, in which groups of 10 to 15 candidates are formed. “The Mars One selection committee will then set up group dynamic challenges and provide study materials related to the challenges,” explains Dr. Kraft. “This allows us to observe how the candidates work in a group setting.”

Following the challenges, the Mars100 will be screened to 40 candidates that will enter the next selection phase: isolation. Candidates will spend nine days in an isolation unit. “It is very important that the candidates are observed closely to examine how they act in situations of prolonged close contact with one another,” says Dr. Kraft. “During the journey to Mars and upon arrival, they will spend 24 hours a day with each other. It is during this time that the simplest things may start to become bothersome. It takes a specific team dynamic to be able to handle this and it is our job to find those that are best suited for this challenge.”

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