Meet the people who plan to move to Mars in 2032

R Daniel and Yari Golden-Castaño are applicants for a 2032 civilian mission to Mars. TOPIC

Boston-based couple Yari and R Daniel Golden-Castaño met on a Facebook group for aspiring Martians, married on a day when the red planet was closest to the Earth — and have signed up to colonize the fourth planet from the sun.

“It’s just part of [my] childhood dreams,” said R Daniel, 36, an Army reservist who is studying computer science.

The pair are two of 100 semi­finalists worldwide who have been selected for the Mars One program — a Dutch organization’s scheme to launch a human colony on the planet by 2032. More than 4,200 candidates originally applied, and the group of 100 will eventually be whittled down to 24 trainees. They’ll be subjected to a decade of intense training: sequestered in a remote location where they will learn to grow food, repair technology and offer medical training. No one will be given a return ticket.

The 100 come from all ages (18 and over) and walks of life and were chosen for their adaptability, curiosity and suitability to work and live with others. Each submitted an online application with a short video and were interviewed about their motivations.

The Golden-Castaños are among five potential future Martians profiled in “I’m Moving to Mars,” a four-part documentary that premieres Thursday on

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