December 8th, 2000

How high the moon? Windsor man says he can give you a good deal on some lunar property Detroit Free Press

Tom Doran sells real estate. On the moon. Through Moon Land Registry in Windsor, he sells nice one-acre plots near the Alphonsus Crater for $11 U.S. For the same price, you can buy a little piece of Mars, Venus or Io, a moon of Jupiter.

April 12th, 2000

Scientists now doubt life on other planets Detroit Free Press

It’s been less than four years since jubilant scientists proclaimed they had detected fossils of ancient microorganisms from Mars. About the same time, new planets were spotted all over the sky, offering potential homes for alien civilizations. Tiny bugs were discovered in harsh environments on Earth previously considered impossible for creatures to survive in. The prospect of finding new neighbors in outer space seemed bright. But now a wave of pessimism is rising.

December 16th, 1999

Life origins may be underground Detroit Free Press

The search for how life began on Earth, and perhaps on other planets, is taking a detour in the endless night beneath the bottom of the sea.

December 3rd, 1999

U-M grad’s idea headed to Mars Detroit Free Press

Two probes the size of basketballs are expected to slam against the surface of Mars in a test that could revolutionize future planetary exploration.

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