December 6th, 2012

Mars One finds more than 1,000 volunteers for one-way trip to planet in 2023 Yahoo! News

The Mars One organisation has revealed details of its plans to land four astronauts on the Red Planet in 2023, with four additional ‘crew’ arriving every two years.
The organisation said that it had had more than 1,000 volunteers for the mission, who emailed in via the foundation’s website.
Selection of the astronauts will begin next year, the Dutch organisation says.
The trip to the planned ‘colony’ would be one-way – and the astronaut volunteers will live and die on Mars.
Mars One aims to finance a mission to Mars via donations from corporations, people – and by creating a reality show-style ‘media event’ around the training and selection of its astronauts.

August 2nd, 2000

Ice Cube Goes to Mars Yahoo! News

Just when you thought Ice Cube couldn’t get much higher than his all-star Up in Smoke tour, the rapper is now heading to Mars. Or at least New Mexico. As originally planned, the rapper-turned-actor has parted ways with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and company to begin work on John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars, the action sci-fi flick that begins shooting this week in New Mexico.

May 2nd, 2000

Astronomers Detail Budget Planetary Missions Yahoo! News

They plan to visit Mars, Mercury, even Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, but the world’s space scientists acknowledged Tuesday they will have to do it on a budget. Influenced by NASA’s controversial “cheaper-faster-better” philosophy, astronomers gathered for a meeting on low-cost missions around the solar system where the presentations occasionally sounded more like management-speak than science.

April 10th, 2000

NASA Selects New Mars Manager Yahoo! News

Spurred by criticism over failed missions, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has chosen scientist Firouz Naderi to head a newly formed Mars program aimed at improving future robotic explorations. Naderi was previously the manager of NASA’s Origins Program, which specializes in searching for signs of life beyond the solar system.

March 13th, 2000

New Images Show Martian Dust Devils Yahoo! News

Swirling dust devils were caught in the act of changing the surface of Mars by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor, scientists said Monday.

January 3rd, 2000

Ex-Astronaut To Explore South Pole Yahoo! News

Former astronaut James Lovell isn’t done exploring. The man who flew aboard Apollo 8 and Apollo 13 is heading to the South Pole as a member of a privately funded expedition.

December 5th, 1999

Future Mars Missions Face Scrutiny Yahoo! News

NASA’s ambitious campaign of Mars exploration could face uncertainty after the embarrassing loss of an orbiter in September and the growing likelihood that the Polar Lander may never be contacted. For a third day Sunday, the lander failed to signal Earth, although engineers believe it made a safe landing.

November 21st, 1999

Robotic Space Outposts Predicted Yahoo! News

In a lecture that sometimes sounded more like science fiction than science, a NASA official said the next era of space exploration will involve missions that last for years rather than weeks and will eventually pave the way for manned probes to the planets.